quack quack

this is jonah’s new thing! he can quack!! i think he’ll take after my dad and i and be able to talk like donald duck!! ha ha =) though he thinks all animals quack!
micahs been out on his bike every.single.day. he just can’t get enough of it!! thankfully our road is very very quiet and he just goes up and down and up and down! noah sometimes tags along on his tricycle too and jonah tries to follow but that is usually a no from mommy as he just likes to run away!
jonah too cute
too cute
noah drinking mommy’s tea
mommy's tea
one of the learning sites that micah likes to visit
some of my hats for tanzania
babys hatnewborn hat
i’ve decided to stick to hats instead of blankets for the missionaries as a blanket takes too long to make but a hat is about a 2 evening job or so! the pink and white one i actually made in one day!! yea me =)

last night i went to aquanatal class again and its great! this was a smaller class, only 6 of us so it was a bit quieter. last week it was at a different pool and there were 16 of us and we/they were very chatty! but its so relaxing =) the leisure center that we went to is wonderful for children and i can’t wait for micah, noah and jonah to be older to use it! slides, water cascades and different levels of pools! its amazing =) this one was a bit farther away, but worth it =) so every tuesday that we can, becky and i will be going there!! and i guess for those interested, i am 33 weeks tomorrow and all is well. just the normal (for me anyway) restless leg and heartburn are the only ‘problems’ these days! i saw the midwife last week and don’t go back until i’m 36 weeks… so no worries!

oh and on a fun note, out all the people from college, 2 couples had baby boys this month and named him micah! and micah’s birthdya was this month as well…so lots of september micahs out there!!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

2 thoughts on “quack quack”

  1. Love the crochet hats! I tried to teach myself to knit…needless to say it didn’t turn out all that well but it was definitely a ‘creative’ venture!

    Congrats on 33 weeks! The countdown has definitely begun! How exciting that you’ll be meeting your new family member soon!

    And those aquanatal classes sound so cool! Glad to hear you’re feeling well!

    I find it interesting that there is a baby boy boom right now. Of all our friends that have delivered in the last few months, Lelia is THE only girl. Crazy trend! Hopefully that means she’ll play with them a lot and be a tomboy…can’t imagine what I’d do with a girly girl! HA!

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