what to say? october has been a great month so far for us. i can’t believe we are already past the middle of the month! i am 36 weeks and doing fine. normal restless legs though they are driving me crazy at night time and heartburn. yuck. today starts me every 2 week check-ups with the midwife. i’m still putting myself on a timeline as my mom is coming 2 days after my due date and only here for 9 days. so trying hard to get this baby out before or during her time. basically the baby needs to be here before thanksgiving!! jonah was 9 days late so we’ll see…(micah was 3 weeks early and noah bang on time!) i also need to get my hospital bag packed. though i am wanting a water birth, i am wondering what to wear or take with me… hmmm =)

we found a farm to buy some pumpkins and lots of fresh veg. we can’t wait to go back as the veg we bought was delicious!! here are some photos though i guess if you are on facebook you’ve seen them! (oh well!)
essington fruit farm
we carved it a few days later. micah didn’t want to reach in and pull out the seeds or anything but noah did!
our pumpkin
micah drew on the eyes
our pumpkin
finished product!
our pumpkin
andy brought home an old globe from school and we have been enjoying it!
learning about the globe:
we used the childrens dictionary to look up the word globe, we drew pictures and looked up lots of places!
the globe

last week we had auntie jo here to visit and had lots of fun. mommy was able to get out when needed on her own =) then on friday night auntie karen, luke and zac arrived while the next morning nana and papa, and uncles stephen, philip and paul. we had a wedding in wales to attend and andy and i were doing the photography. so we left early with jo and jonah and noah, while we left micah at home to come later with the others. it was a lovely day, beautiful wedding and great to see the rest of the family! here is the teaser photo that i have put out until the rest are ready.
rhiannon and chris

i can’t think of anything else at this very moment, so will end it here =) though i just thought that next week is half term so no school for andy, though i’m sure we’ll still continue on for micah! oh yes, i am just thinking of even more ofcourse! our car decided to almost die on the way home from wales on sunday. the battery light came on for a little while and we were very very low on petrol but thought we could make it home so that andy could get to church on time. but once home it wouldn’t start again! the battery wasn’t dead b/c the lights still came on, but whenever andy put on the indicator (blinker) it just died again… so really, i have no idea and don’t know what we’ll do about it. as we need a new car, a bigger car but can’t afford anything at the moment…anyone know of a free 6 or 7 seater!?!?!?


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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