entering the 3rd week of Ezra

and flying solo! nana (my MIL) left last night after dinner, leaving me alone today with my 4 boys. its not been bad at all. actually its been quite easy. not that i have tried homeschooling yet and the boys are at the moment watching a movie. so ofcourse, its been easy.

i’ve also just put jonah down for a nap, in hopes that today he actually stays put! yesterday he decided that he could get out of his cot, without falling or making any noise! i put him in and came back downstairs to help make lunch when we heard the footsteps and the crying getting closer and closer and eventually down the stairs!! i let him stay, have a bit of lunch then tried again…nope! but this time, i closed his door and he couldn’t open it! i went in eventually and tried again, but we ended with a no nap day. he fell asleep at dinner time for an hour, then went back down at 9 with micah and that was it!

ezra continues to be a star during the day time! and he is actually getting a bit better at settling down at night time. sunday night was hard but thanks to nana, i got some sleep while she took jonah. then sunday morning she stayed in with me and jonah and i was able to sleep till half 12! it was lovely =) ezra doesn’t get weighed again until friday when the health visitor comes. Ezra also turned 2 weeks yesterday! my oh my how time flies!!
2 weeks
2 weeks

last thursday we had our first outing as a family of 6! we went into town to explore the german markets. it was a lovely day, not too cold and quite sunny! we met up with our friend steve who we haven’t seen in absolutely ages =) i got a few photos, but not much and none of us as a family or non of ezra or jonah! oops…
german market
german market
german market
german market

we don’t have much planned for this week. andy was on a course yesterday for school and back in school today after having the last week off. school finishes on friday for christmas break!! yippee!! we have some busy evenings though. wednesday is our normal mid-week meeting, thursday night is our carol service, friday night is our christmas party with our WMF group and saturday is our sunday school party! i think we’ll be a bit tired by end of it all!
i’m still trying to buy the last few pressies, online ofcourse! just a few wee things to buy. we are hoping to go either fly out of drive over to belfast next tuesday. we are looking into borrowing a friends 7seater while they use our car over the holidays….and i think we’ll know more in the next day! praying that things work out. everyone has been so kind and generous this last few weeks… we are truly blessed in our friends and family!


Author: ALM

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2 thoughts on “entering the 3rd week of Ezra”

  1. ezra is so gorgeous, janelle…i’m sitting here w/ my 4 month old thinking i can’t wait until i have another *tiny* one in the house. šŸ˜‰ so great that you guys seem to be adjusting well. i love reading your blog & hearing stories about you & all the men in your life. the pics on this entry are amazing too…the ones from the carousel are absolutely beautiful! much to love to you & yours this christmas season. xoxo

  2. OMG, I look at the photo of the nutcrackers and think why did I not get to this market? They are fabulous!!!! Next time for sure!!! Love you, Kiss each boy for mimi please!

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