christmas in belfast

i started writing this on the 23rd but was so tired i was falling asleep as i wrote…

arrived in belfast
12 hours later than planned!! oops =) we were to leave around midday to get to holyhead by 4, to catch the 5:15 ferry. we left the house after 1 o’clock, arrived at holyhead at 5:15 to see the ferry leaving port! the traffic was horrendous and the weather didn’t help much either. as we turned west on the M56 (i think) the skies cleared up and it was a gorgeous evening. upon arriving in holyhead we booked a ticket for the next irish ferries boat which was travelling at ….. yep, 2:40 AM!!! lovely.

so we spent 2 hours + at the station letting the boys run amuk (sp?) and andy and i enjoyed a hot drink

and so now 2 weeks later i’ll continue!! ha ha. we eventually made it to belfast and had a fantastic time! the ferry felt like it lasted forever as only noah went to sleep on the ferry. (we had all been asleep in the car) micah, jonah and i walked around for a bit, i pushed jonah around and around in the stroller for ages it felt like but he just wouldn’t go to sleep! oh wait, he did fall asleep, 10 minutes before they announced that we were pulling into the harbor and needed to start making our way to the cars! ha!

got to the house and i had an hour and a half before i had a hair appt that karen had made for me! we made it to that as joanne took micah and ezra to karens. i walked over after getting my hair chopped and layered then we went back to cleveley. (our main base) that night was the annual carol sining from house to house. andy took micah and noah and then brought them home, got them into bed and i left with him and ezra to go back to a couples (beautiful) house for supper.

christmas eve we had a mini christmas at cleveley and with all the family and GiGi, valeries’ mom. turkey, stuffing, roast parsnips, roast potatoes, carrots, broc and cauliflower cheese, and i can’t remember what else. it was yummy though. then we exchanged presents. mainly just for GiGi’s sake, but the children got books from her and us adults just had some random pressies that we had brought along.

christmas day we went to simon and esther’s again with the whole family, minus GiGi this time. it was great fun and we got to see their house for the first time! it was nice and cosy in the lounge with a nice roaring fire!! for dinner we had turkey, ham, stuffing, broc and cauliflower cheese, roast parsnips and potatoes, sweet potato casserole, potato rolls, bread sauce, brussel sprouts and who knows what else! i can’t ever remember now! it was so divine though. oh my goodness!!! after a bit of cleanup we opened present which was so funny as with 6 kids 5 and under we didn’t know whos was who’s really! atleast i didn’t =) but great stuff anyway. we just relaxed most the day, watched white christmas while paul, andy and simon went to a christmas meeting (where paul was speaking). we had supper and lots of tea and coffee and it was just a lovely day! we didn’t leave till midnight or after, i can’t remember!!

boxing day was just a slow day for games (risk) and shopping as the sales began! sunday was a day at paul and karens. a beautiful pork and stuffing roast! lovely once again =) luke also came out in chicken pox that morning, but none of my boys got it! i don’t know if that was luck and not but oh well!

all in all we had a great time! very relaxing =) i’ll post photos in next post!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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