how time flies!! this year so far we have already had snow and lots of it for us!! we had a great time playing out in it, though since the weekend and fresh snow, we’ve not been out as micah and noah decided to get the chicken pox that cousin luke passed on to them! luke did quite well as he passed it onto his brother, and 5 cousins!! with possibly more if jonah gets it or if we have passed it on to anyone else!
we had a family reunion on the 2nd which was great to see everyone again..the boys enjoyed playing with their cousins (2nd cousins or whoever andy’s cousins’ kids are to them …)
here is almost everyone that was there. just the side of tim’s ear is present in the photo. the first photo i took, has everyone, but it was quite blurry… =(
so here is tim:
most everyone went on a walk…though it turned um, rather wet for everyone! they came back soaked =(
but saw some cute wee ducks =)

Andy’s first week back at school brought us snow!! lots of snow =) tuesday it started and wednesday was a day off. some schools just took the rest of the week off, but andy didn’t have that luck! also on the tuesday my good friends peter and becky (who andy married back in april) had their first baby early in the morning! joseph thomas, with the sweetest fluffiest hair =)

here is our street in the snow..
corwen croft
the boys in the snow

and this past sunday brought us into the world of chicken pox! what joys =) micah and noah woke up with spots, exactly 2 weeks after luke their cousin got them! luke also passed them onto his brother and cousin sarah. so christmas eve and christmas day was really a chicken pox party!! oh and lukes other cousins josh and ellie got them too!!
chicken pox_1
chicken pox_3

we also got more snow sunday night and all day today!!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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