more of the chicken pox

jonah and ezra broke out in spots on thursday night/friday morning. jonah i think has it the worst of them all. he can barely walk right as they are just clustered under his nappy, inbetween his legs. so sad to see, it looks really painful. ezra thankfully just has a handful of spots, hardly noticalbe, but definitely chicken pox as they have the blistered/scabbed tops to them. bless him! guess breastfeeding doesn’t help 100%!!
so atleast we’ve all had it now and we won’t have to ever worry about it again really =) here is a photo or two of jonah:

chicken pox

chicken pox

waiting for it all to clear so that our friends and their new baby can come over for a meal! i haven’t seen joseph since he was 1 day…i’m sure he’s grown a lot!!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

2 thoughts on “more of the chicken pox”

    1. well, i guess it doesn’t really mean that…just that i don’t have to worry about it with the 4 of them anymore =) i’ve learned to never say never!!

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