we had a successful morning doing our school work. an hour and a half straight with no whinning, no leaving the table and just doing our work! first day of creation, reading Genesis, singing the old testament books song, learning about the sun, ( our book on planets still has pluto as a planet! oops!!) making an character named ‘un’ to then match up with some letters to spell and READ words! he did great and i was the one that *stopped* and told them we were finished!!

ezra is doing well. saturday night after a very very fussy evening, he settled in and slept from 11:30 till 7:15! i think thats his longest sleep yet! yippee. though i don’t want a repeat of that evening! when he is wide awake and you put him up on your shoulder, he does this crazy stary eyed, fighting with his arms and sticks his tongue out to the left of his mouth! its so funny!! will definitely have to get a video of it sometime!

jonah and noah both are still not really talking. sometimes i could really scream with the lack of communication! its so frustrating at times. jonah is following after noah, despite our best efforts at getting words out of him!


Author: ALM

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3 thoughts on “success”

  1. Do they have any kind of early intervention speech resources over there? Here in Balt. Co, you can get someone from Infants and Toddlers to come out to your house for a comprehensive evaluation… most people get referred by their pediatricians by age 2. And then, if they decide your child qualifies, you get services up through age three and then speech services if needed in the public schools. It has made a big difference for lots of kids I know! I was going to call for Simon when he was stuttering so badly, but then he suddenly stopped.

    It could be something so simple that a little bit of speech therapy might really get the ball rolling!

  2. we’ve been to a speech and language person 2x hopefully we’ll be going back in march for noah. they weren’t too worried as he is communicating and understanding and following direction. so we’ll see what happens. i’m just worried that jonah is going to do exactly the same thing!

  3. the fact that they all worked so well together & w/ no whining…super, momma! that really IS awesome. will be praying for the boys about the speech stuff. i know that’s probably more frustrating for you than it is for them. will be thinking about ya!

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