nap time

so its Jonah’s nap time again, which is now translating into mommy’s computer time!  i sit up here to make sure he doesn’t come out of his room.  generally he gets back into his bed when i hear him trying to get the door open.  but today?  he is playing at the door with his trains.  and has been for 15-20 minutes.  do i go and put him back into his bed or leave him to play?  i’m not sure what to do.  i should be downstairs doing laundry or washing dishes while Ezra is sleeping, but…

we had a nice weekend, relaxing =)  though too relaxing as there is so much that needs to be done in this house!  its horribly messy!  not dirty, just messy.  i just need to have a good spring clean and throw away a ton of stuff!!   but when do i have the time?  i don’t…well i do, but i like to relax and read a book too!! ha ha…  priorities right?  i have them the wrong way around.  besides, i hate to clean!! 

on another note, school went well this morning.  we are getting a bit more into it and i am ignoring reading at the moment.  Micah *hates* it and i don’t want to push and make it worse.   so we do pictures and starting letters that he has to match up which he is pretty good at. though some of the photos are funny and he doesn’t know what they are or they use an american word.  for example a picture of a sweater would be under ‘s’  but to Micah its a jumper so he would cross it off.  today there was a photo of a baby swaddled but it’s just a sketch and he thought it was dough?! i was very confused! so i swaddled Ezra and he looked closer at the photo and saw the babies head =)   the other mix-up was (we are doing the letter m today) was a photo of music as in the staff and notes.  Micah said it was tunes!! so it got a cross through it too!  much fun!  

sorry for the lack of photos but i still can’t find the battery charger for the camera (the whole messy house thing i guess).  i have tried and looked where i think it could be or might be, but no luck.  stinks… =(


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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