i’ve just recently discovered a wonderful blog/site!  the pioneer woman – its got cooking, photography, homeschooling, romance and loads more that i haven’t discovered yet!   over the last two days i’ve been reading her  ‘black heels to tractor wheels’ about how she met her husband, marlboro man =)  its a great little read, harlequin romance style.  this is her blurb:

Grab a cup of coffee. Curl up with a blanket. Have a box of kleenex and a fan handy.
Here’s the complete saga (to date) of the rip-roaring true story of how I met my husband,
Marlboro Man, and how I went from spoiled city girl to domestic ranch wife in the blink of an eye.

she also has some free photoshop actions that are nice.  (if you scroll down on her photography page on the right hand side you’ll find the link)  here is an example of a few:

baby E baby E

i’ve also discovered bakerella who is absolutely fantastic! cakes, cookies, desserts, breakfast even.  but i think most importantly, the creator of cake pops!!  oh my goodness…these look so awesome!

these were for seasame streets’ 40th birthday!  how awesome is she??  i think it is basically baked cake, crumbled into icing, mixed up and shaped into balls and stuck on a stick with candy melts to ‘re-ice’!  go to her blog, its really great! or even to her flickr site.

i have also gotten back into my crochet.  i have almost a dozen hats for our missionary friends in tanzania for the babies =)  i’ve also been crocheting dishcloths =) they are so great. i had made 2 last year for myself and loved them, but made myself a new one last month with lily’s sugar and cream cotton and it is 100x better!  wow, what a difference =)  here are some photos:
i picked up this blanket again after almost a year!  i hadn’t worked on it since last easter =( i was getting tired of blankets as they were taking so long…so i have started 3 and finished 0!
blanket with bad yarn

as i looked at it, i saw this…. {in 4 different places}

blanket with bad yarn

broken strands all over! i had to go and fix them, really not having a clue what to do?!  i’m still pretty new to this…and even as i was finishing off what wool i had, it was fraying.  very sad.

blanket with bad yarnblanket with bad yarn

i don’t have the name of the wool but have to go back to the store i bought it from to get more as i am determined to finish it!  then i’ll write a letter accompanied with these photos and nicely complain!

and some photos from today:
noah and jonah
micah’s photo of our dreary day!
micah's view
this is micahs photo too. he took it and then told how to post process it!
micah's view


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

5 thoughts on “discovery”

  1. janelle, a few months ago i found an article about the pioneer woman cookbook. it had an accompanying recipe for ‘comfort meatballs’. email me @ & give me your email address & i can email you the recipe. i didn’t look to see if any were on her web site but i’m happy to pass this one along to you. can’t wait to read her story – she really seems like an interesting woman. hope all is well w/ you guys. please tell micah he has a fan of his photos in the US – those are some pretty cool shots! 🙂

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