so much to post

sorry we have been M.I.A. this last week! our computer was down for the week, sat -sat, but thanks to hubby, it is back again! we had a good week, though filled with lots of laundry as jonah had sickness and diarrhoea. not that fun, but it was really sporadic. it started sunday night and finished friday night. he was really lethargic on monday and slept on and off through out the day. thankfully our friend shiela stopped at the store for us as i was quite low on nappies and baby wipes which is a problem when the little guy had the squirts =) he could go 24 hrs between being sick. unfortunately, 2 of those times, we were either at somebody’s home or had someone over to ours for dinner! yikes! friday was at ours and we ended up eating in the kitchen while jonah cleaned up in the bath! oh dear…. josh, i hope that experience has not driven you away!!

ezra had a bit of it too, though his was mild and not so bad. thankfully noah or micah have not caught it! though noah was sick in the night saturday night, it was a one off incident as he felt fine again. schooling was quite hard with all of that going on and with micah back to not really wanting to do anything. so i think we are going to have to be more organized (again) and be more hands on. he likes to do stuff…painting, colouring and whatever. but hates writing. so i’m not going to push, though we do have to write sometimes, as i know that he is already forgetting things he could do before like spelling all of our names! so we’ll see. but we are going to belfast for maybe 3 weeks so i’ll need to take some stuff with us to do while away, so we don’t get totally out of the habit!

we are buying a car tonight which is exciting! andy went last night to see it and paid £200 as a deposit and he is going back tonight to pick it up! its a ford galaxy, and its red! which is quite funny as when i was in my last term of uni (college) i had my moms red minivan b/c my car died (while driving back from picking up andy and friend jonny from the atlanta airport, who were visiting america for the first time! — what a story!). i drove that ‘redrocket’ for 2+ years (as well as driving it while in high school…it was great for young life!) and my lovely friend jen, for whatever reasons, called it the ‘love machine’…really, i’m not sure why she did. hmm, will have to ask her! anyway, we have a redrocket back in the family!!

so yea, we are going to belfast this saturday!! can’t wait to see everyone again! and andy will be going on a residential with his year 6 students (10-11 year olds) for 3nights/4days. oh what fun! then he’ll join us on easter or sometime around there. well, i can’t really think of anything else to say at the moment… so i’ll end here with the promise of photos once i have downloaded them =)


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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