enjoying the SNOW in belfast!

well, we enjoyed our first flight as a family of 6!!  saturday afternoon we took our first flight in ages and arrived without any problems to the george best belfast city!  we travelled with the ulster rugby team which andy was excited about as he recognized some of the players who also play for the ireland team during the 6 nations.  all the boys were stars and it was nice and actually relaxing!!  andy then returned on sunday afternoon and was away monday morning with a group of about 35 11year olds to a big victorian house called bockleton (i think is how it is spelled!)  the boys and i miss andy very much but we are enjoying our time here so far!  we have had lots and lots of rain and yesterday it snowed!  it was a huge snow storm for some parts of  northern ireland!  very very crazy!  we are quite close to belfast city here so didn’t get much more than a dusting!  but it was lovely to watch, so very windy, and quite funny as all i have brought are 2 pairs of flip-flops and a pair of trainers!  i guess i was hoping for nicer weather!  oh well….such is life =)

ireland 013

i have booked andy on a early morning ferry from scotland to belfast on (easter) sunday. he’ll drive through the night and get the 4:45am and arrive at 7:45am.  he said he didn’t mind driving through the night!  we are so excited for him to get here and so much more fun that it will be on easter morning!  saturday we are going over to simon and esthers for an easter egg hunt!  so please pray for some dry weather!!  that should be fun and we should get lots of photos too!!

the boys are all sleeping in stephen’s room one in the bed and 2 on the floor, stephen is up in the loft with philip, i am sleeping in jo’s room with ezra in the cot and jo is downstairs on the couch.  its great fun so far and has worked well! i am very thankful to valerie (MIL) as she has been up with the boys in the morning and i am still asleep until ezra wakes up.  the boys have been great and we’ve been have fun, playing with legos, puzzles, cars and trains!

we have no other plans at the moment.  we have tentative plans for an outing with the girls…possibly pottery painting at a place called paint me, glaze me =)   i think the boys have tentative plans for an outing too.  then possibly a meal out with the siblings =)  possibly a trip to the ulster american folk park!  i haven’t been there in years and would love the boys to see it too! it tells the story of emigration from ireland to america in the 18th and 19th centuries.

gotta run, tbc…


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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