easter hols

this is how ezra and i started our trip!ireland 001

in order to get stuff done and to practice with different ways to carry him, this is how the morning was!

sunday after church we tried for some photos of the boys, minus ezra who was ofcourse sleeping!
ireland 002

ireland 005

i got to meet beautiful jacob! he was so lovely and content…until hunger struck and wow-wee, that boy had a piercing cry! especially compared to his brothers when they were babbies!
ireland 010
we spent a day with karen and the boys since jo had the first day off while we were over. the rest of the week was uneventful really as we had snow and rain and it was chilly! esther came for breakfast with me twice and dropped sarah off for the day on tuesday and then on thursday took me and the boys back to lisburn to go to charlie’s den, an indoor play centre. it was great and the boys loved it. especially as luke came and joined us eventually. we had lunch there then back to cleveley to just relax for us mommies. friday i went into belfast city with ezra as i had to go to get a new contact as mine was ripped. nana took the boys to see esther, simon and sarah. i went shopping for myself at next and just had a wee walk around. i then took the train to lisburn where simon picked us up.

saturday was the easter egg hunt at the farm (simon and esther’s). it was great fun with massive jacket potatoes and trimmings for lunch, then esther, jo and simon went to hide the eggs. but the boys were at the upstairs window and saw them!! too funny!
simon and esther’s home, just the first half that you see there. the far side is jimmy’s =)  their 4 hens and 1 rooster!
tansey4 hens 1 rooster
jonah looking for some eggs
easter egg hunt
noah finding an egg
easter egg hunt
easter egg hunt
easter egg hunt
jonah finding an egg
easter egg hunt
after they each found 3 eggs this was their prizes
ireland 020

ezra’s prize =) micah and noah helped me find ezra’s eggs!
easter egg huntezra joining in
with daddy gone almost a whole week, the boys were in need of a good wrestling session! so uncle simon whether knowingly or not, stepped in and had a good ol’ wrestle with them! and they enjoyed every moment of it!!
wrestling with uncle simonwrestling with uncle simonwrestling with uncle simon

and i think i’ll just end it there!  thats a long enough post for now!  i’ll add more later from carnlough and our family photo sessions!!  it was great fun =)


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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