our summer

I know, I know… its been ages! Like always, I’m way to busy to blog, but not too busy to keep up with other blogs =)
So here are some photos and as I post them I’ll tell you what we were up too. I haven’t even processed all the summer photos yet!  It’s not like there are that many though, just the lack of time!
We went up to the Lickey Hills a few times (and I am very thankful for my mobile as most of the time I didn’t have my camera!)and ate ice lolly’s
IMAG0165 IMAG0158
found a new park;
the boys went on a bike ride or 2 with daddy;
found that Ezra loves the swing (I have loads of photos with him swinging);
IMAG0192 Happy chappy
went to the museum and a photography exhibit – Steve McCurry;
steve mcCurry photograph Wow
photographed a wedding;
Dawson Wedding Dawson Wedding
had a stormy hike in Wales – although thankfully stayed dry;
walking in wales walking in wales
walking in wales walking in wales
and Ezra turned 9 months! (though neither of these are from that day but earlier in the summer)
Early education Happy boy
met up with some friends in stourport
Boy racer Boy racer
Bumper noats

Trampolins A ride with pat

and i think i’ll end this one for now!  we had a great summer, despite it not being a beautiful summer.  these last photos at stourport, it poured when we got there, but only for 15-20 minutes and we just waited it out.  then we had a glorious afternoon/evening!  andy had organized the summer, lots of meet ups with friends.  our calendar looks really full for august with something written in for everyday!  now andy is back at school and our homeschooling will start up again tomorrow!!  lets see how it goes!!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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