new obsession…

so i have recently been introduced to ‘thirty one gifts’ and am totally in love with the whole company/business!  has anyone else heard of it??  here is the about link here. and their catalog here.  they have beautiful bags, purses, totes and more! beautiful prints and lovely accessories, almost all of which can be personalized!!  i can’t wait to see my stuff in person and then i know i will be even more impressed and excited!!

my friend started selling in august and i bought a demi purse and a mini zip pouch bag.  my mom got them as its an american only shipping and said they were gorgeous!  so i decided to host a party for my friend and it went extremely well and i got loads of free stuff!  so its all at my mom’s waiting for me =)  some of my friends here ordered some stuff too as i can bring it all home with me in november.   so the thing is, i CANNOT stop looking through their catalogs and thinking of what i can do with it all!!  i really really  think that if i stick to some of the ideas, i will get myself and my house and boys organized!!

so i have been digging in to the company a bit and really feel like i could do something with this.  so if i become a consultant, would people over here in england/northern ireland  have a party for me?  and order some of their absolutely gorgeous stuff??    =)  i have found a company that will give me an ‘american’ address so that everything would be shipped there and then they would then ship it to me here in england!  it sounds amazingly easy and it is very exciting to me.

any thoughts??


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

3 thoughts on “new obsession…”

  1. I have just recently seen a couple of their booths at different fairs. I have their catalog and like alot of the stuff! There are a couple things I want to order…. so if you do sign up, let me know and I could get it from/through you. =)

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