1 week and counting!

we are so excited that we leave for the states, in less than a week! suitcases are coming down from the loft tonight and the packing will start! each of the boys have got a new backpack for the journey. it should be interesting anyway! just booked all the seats today which hopefully will be ok, and tried filling in all the visa waivers. but a bunch of flaff! $14 for each one. if i had the passports 3 weeks ago and applied then for the visa’s, it would have been free. how incredibly stupid! but i totally forgot that we needed passports for micah and ezra. micah’s had already run out as children’s passports are only for 5 years.

anyway, its been awhile since i posted, so here are some photos to fill you in on our life!

we went to a birthday party for charlie whose mom i worked with while we were both pregnant!
charlie's bday party_6

ezra enjoyed the party too šŸ˜‰
charlie's bday party_12

ezra fell asleep at the end of dinner. he ate his dinner, finished micah’s and andy and the boys went upstairs to start getting in their jammies. when andy came down, this is what he found!!!

nosey neighbours!

lunch outside for poorly noah.the pirate scarf was stopping/protecting the dripping ear!
poorly ear/pirate hat

micah and andy went den building
september 029 september 032
making lunch
september 033
september 034
how receiving blankets are used in our house
september 011
our colourful dinner (japanese curry)
curry cooking colourful japenese curry

things i find in the fridge
colourful japenese curry

one new bag and many conkers
conkers and new bag

and the happy passport holders!
new passports

well i think that is is for now! i hope you enjoyed our photos =) there are always more in my flickr account up there on the left =)


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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