christmas recap

i’ve been a bad blogger as usual!  so for those few readers, here is our wee recap so far!

the week leading up to christmas was filled with shopping, car worries and laziness!  we had the big snow on the 18th, andy and i went out for our ‘date’ despite getting stuck and having to push lots of other cars before having our car pushed!!  we went into birmingham city {via bus eventually} and saw harry potter 7a and then had dinner at nando’s!  it was a lovely time out and a great escape from the snow!  our friends christian, helen, and their 3 kids had micah, noah, jonah and ezra over for the afternoon of film watching and train playing!  all had good fun =)

sunday our car wouldn’t start =(  so no church and then the evening meeting was cancelled.  monday was a day for playing in the snow  and the a neighborhood friend  coming over for a couple hours after playing in the snow.  tuesday i got out of the house to take some photos of my friends little boy in one of my crochet teddy bear hats, which was really cute and when i am home i will post a photo or 2!  then i went into town to do some shopping all by myself and it was very nice! 

tuesday we got the car started and i got to drive it while andy pushed it out of the snow! then he took it straight to the garage where it was scheduled in wednesday morning!    thursday we went over to our friends, the townsends for the day.  it was a great day with a nice {long} walk, good food and lots of fun.  andy’s brother simon and his family were there since esther is/was a townsend =)  so really we are all a bit related by marriage!    we got to meet our new nephew isaac neill who is adorable and still so small at 5 weeks! i mean he isn’t ‘too’ small but next to ezra he was so teeny!   a highlight from that night was when the kiddos were playing pass the parcel and jonah got the final present which was a few chocolate bars, he went around and shared them out!! it was so sweet!

friday andy went out shopping then we were off to peter and becky’s for tea and then off to the carol singing on the green at bournville.  unfortunately, not everyone was feeling 100% so micah was down with a fever and no appetite and the others coughing and andy was full of cold too.  so only noah and i went to the singing with peter and becky.  but it was nice if just a bit chilly!  so after we got home and got the boys tucked up in bed, andy and i spent christmas eve wrapping pressies and watching ‘the santa claus’!  and then we listened too some carol singing before retiring!

christmas day was fun but low key as micah still wasn’t great and noah was starting to not feel well either.  after the first round of pressie opening, andy went back to bed, the boys watched ‘cars’ and i started baking christmas dinner.  we had turkey, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsnips. steamed carrots, brussel sprouts and corn. mashed potato and sweet potato. green bean casserole, stuffing {stove top}, cranberry sauce {ocean spray}, gravy and i think that was it!  it was yummy and i was very pleased with it all and happy that it had turned out!  we opened more presents then just relaxed, read our new books, played with toys….  i delivered some pumpkin bread and christmas cards, then got dessert ready for andy and i!  christmas pudding for andy and pumpkin pie for me!  it was delicious!!

boxing day was back down to the townsends and it was a lovely day dispite jonah’s diarhea-ness! {or however you spell it!}  more good food, we played cluedo {clue}, and just had a great to time!  we left way too late, went straight to bed, got up at 5 and started packing/cleaning and were in the car and off our street by 9:30 =)  we got to holyhead at 12:10 or so.  our very first time to be more than 45 minutes early!!   after a very rough crossing we got to dublin at 5:25 and got up to belfast maybe around half 7/8.  by then, i couldn’t tell you!  we were just glad to be there!    so, i’ll leave it here as we have not done much since being here.  today is our 2nd christmas with the mullans and i will hopefully take some photos =)  so the next post will be in the new year with lots of photos hopefully!!!

much love to you all and happy new year!


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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