my brother

so my brother was diagnosed with strep throat on friday, given antibiotics and sent home. saturday he felt much better and then in the night, starting having chest pains. early morning they got worse and kelly took him to the hospital. their first thoughts were that the strep infection had gone into his heart and muscle. his heart isn’t pumping as it should be, but amazingly, he sounds great. he is on lots of meds, resting in the hospital and taking it easy. here is the update that kelly posted last night:
“He’s “resting comfortably” in the CCU @ Union Memorial – still waiting on final word as to whether he had a heart attack or if theres a virus “attacking” his heart, regardless, it’s basically only pumping at 30% right now”
i believe that today he goes for an ECG. so we are praying that the Lord’s will be done. praying for his heart to go back to normal and also that maybe this will touch him in a spiritual way as well. Remind him that the Lord up above is waiting for him to call on him! so please be praying with us!

also today, his daughter keira goes to parkville middle school where president obama is visiting today! not only is he sitting in on her science class, she has been invited to the presidential press conference (or something like that!) so keira, i hope you have a great day!


Author: ALM

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One thought on “my brother”

  1. wow, girl…praying for your brother’s complete healing right now. will check back for updates. sending love across the pond. XO

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