Andy’s first cycle sportive event!

Wednesday night Andy decided to enter himself into a cycling race. In Lincoln. 2+ hours away…. I said, Ok, whatever! We decided that we needed to all go, since it was his first one! So, up we got at 4:30ish to leave as close to 5 as we could! Plopped the boys in the car in their PJs and away we went. We got to Lincoln about 7:30, Andy changed and then left to the registration. We met him there, and waited and waited. The line was super long as one of the computers decided to not work! Eventually he finished and was ready to go. The racers could start anywhere between 8 and 9, so it wasn’t a standard race, just went by time and for Andy it was just to see what he could do! The course was 55miles (and another was 96m) so we figured on just over 3 hours, which is what he has done 50m in a few weeks ago. So the boys and I set off to walk into Lincoln and window shop. It was fun. Its a beautiful city built on a steep hill. It had a castle, a cathedral and lovely old buildings and boutique shops and tea rooms! What we didn’t count on was a puncture that wasn’t easily fixed, having to borrow an inner tube from another cyclist. Nearly an hour wait all in all. =( But that’s ok!! Here is our day in pictures. Enjoy!

at the start:
lincoln01 lincoln03 lincoln04 lincoln06 lincoln02


Out in the fields: (taken by the event photographers, not me!)
080-379-LINGP02 (2)

while we waited:






the last climb: (taken by the event photographers, not me!)

nearly there! (taken by the event photographers, not me!)

to the finish: (taken by the event photographers, not me!)


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

One thought on “Andy’s first cycle sportive event!”

  1. Fabulous pictures! And congratulations to Andy – job well done! Your picture of his finish should be on the cover of a cycling magazine. Hopefully if you are here in the States next year, he can ride Katie’s & Wil’s Trail – we’re hoping to break ground next spring on it.

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