hospital stays

So, this month saw our first ever hospital visit and stay. We’ve been to the A&E 2 other times in the last almost 7 years, but have never had to stay over. Our story starts on Friday the 20th May. We had a normal morning, breakfast and lunch. Everyone was happy, ate their meals and what not. Come dinner time Jonah refused dinner and was just happy to watch his Thomas videos. We were driving over to Llandrovery, Wales straight after dinner to camp for the night and the cycling race the next morning for Andy. Jonah slept through nearly the whole journey and woke while we were setting up the tent. He cried for quite a bit and was starting to feel pretty warm. He calmed down and I took him for a wee walk. He then just wanted to get back into the car. So we left him in there while we finished setting up, getting the boys in their jammies and so on. Andy brought into the tent, still sleeping, and put him straight into where he was sleeping. And he pretty much slept through. Woke up crying 2 times. I gave him something to eat and drink the 2nd time, thinking that was why he was awake and crying. He settled back down and slept through till morning.
When he woke in the morning he was still a little miserable. Didn’t want any breakfast and still hadn’t finished the juice I had given him in the night. AND he didn’t want to be in the tent!! At all. So back to the car he went. He sat in the front seat with a blanket. I sat in there with him quite a bit, reading to him and trying to get him to eat or drink. He finally said yes to some Cheerio’s without milk, but didn’t eat much at all. After a bit, he wouldn’t swallow all of it either so he was drooling a wee bit. I gave him a hankie and he would wipe or spit every once in awhile. He slept after a bit and I just left him to it. We went down for the start of the race (which was part of the camp ground) and waited for Andy to start his race. That done Jo sat in the tent with the boys and I sat in the car with Jonah. It was raining a wee bit, but not terribly. It dried up and we decided to go for a walk. The village centre wasn’t far so we put Jonah in the stroller and carried Ezra, or let him walk a bit. Poor Jonah, besides not wanting anything to drink, wouldn’t lean his head back. He kept his chin down a bit towards his chest. Didn’t seem comfortable at all.
Andy finished as we were walking back, so again I didn’t get any photos of him finishing as the camera was in the car! He did come in 16th place, not bad for only his second race!!
So we ate, packed up the tent and came home. Jonah drank a wee bit for us. But still wouldn’t swallow his saliva afterwards. We finally made it back to Birmingham and went straight to the children’s hospital A&E. It was only 20 minutes until we saw the nurse (I think) and she took us straight back. His fever was high, but not scorching. It was more the concern over the lack of movement in his neck and the whole drinking issue. They took some blood, and all the other stats. The sent him for a x-ray as well. We were sent to the observation ward next to the A&E. We thought as the Dr had mentioned tonsillitis that we would get some antibiotics and then be on our way…that wasn’t the case at all! His inflammatory levels were sky high and the swelling at the back of his neck needed to be checked more closely. So we were in for the long stay. All this time, Jonah just slept through most everything. I had a book and just sat back and read. Just after midnight we were taking to ward 5 and into the care of Jade, a lovely lovely nurse. We were in a surgical ward that was mostly day patients, so there were only 2 others in the 7 bed room. OH, before leaving the observation ward, they had to put in a canular into his hand for the IVs and antibiotics. That was a huge struggle. Then good ole Jonah, half way through the night, he pulled it out! While it was dripping away! Oh dear. So then the next one went in his ankle/foot =( not fun at all!! Around 9 or 10 we took Jonah down for a CT scan. He was actually awake for most of it and was a perfect little angel and laid still the whole time for 2 scans. Andy and I were both with him and held his hand and sang to him. There was 2 abscesses in his throat. One just under and pushing up his right tonsil and the other just at the back of the next out of sight when looking in his mouth. So surgery it was so that they could lance and drain the abscess.Andy went home for lunch, then came back with the boys minus Ezra. Jo drove me home with E so I could shower and change clothes and collect a few more things. Around 4 they got him into a surgical gown, but wasn’t taken down to surgery until 6. I was on my own by then and it was a weird experience. The Anesthesiologist sat on the bed with Jonah and put the sleepy drug in through his ankle, poor Jonah just kept crying “No, no, no” and then silence. It was so quick and a little scary! So I had to leave him there, just outside of the theatre. I was a little teary but okay. The next part was hard. The waiting. I didn’t think it was going to take very long…the Dr’s hadn’t said an exact time of course, but it was so hard to wait. The the Dr’s came told us what they did, how it went and that they had opted to put Jonah in ICU to sedate him so that all the blood and puss would drain with out his little body fighting it. So poor us, we didn’t get to go in and see Jonah until near or after 10. 4 hours after leaving off at surgery. And then wow. I can’t even describe the shock at seeing him there. In ICU, with a breathing tube, feeding line up his nose, tape around his mouth to keep the breathing tube in and so many lines and IVs and everything. He was 100% sedated, not breathing on his own and everything.
Anyway, I’ll let Andy write more maybe about that. I slept downstairs where we had been the previous night. Andy went home. I got up and went to ICU at 6. They took his breathing tube out around 8:30/9 as he was starting to wake up.


Author: ALM

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