Christmas Fun

Another Christmas down and while it’s been great to be with the family, we had many a sicknesses! First Micah and his croupy cough. Then Jonah got a fever with a cough where he slept most of Christmas day and Boxing day. He missed Christmas dinner the poor boy. Now its Ezra’s turn for being feverish and has a bad cough too. So far Noah hasn’t been too bad and neither has Andy. I on the other hand had a bad head cold Christmas Eve and went to bed at 10:30 so I could get some extra sleep which seemed to help.

*Listening to Nana give directions for her version of pass the parcel*


The boys received lots of lego (Cars 2, Pirates of the Carribean, Star Wars and Kingdoms). I got some great warm slippers and 2 books. Andy got a book and new trainers. =)






Best of all our car got fixed today!! We broke down 30 minutes from the ferry port in Scotland and a kind man towed us to the port. We had to get towed onto the boat, off the boat in Belfast and then Paul and Jo came to collect us and tow us to Cleveley. We found a mechanic that was open with some openings and it all ok now!! Yea =)


Lady Dixon Park

Lady Dixon Park Lady Dixon Park

Well I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and that you will all have a super wonderful New Years!!

Risk!  boys only...

Risk!  boys only...

*sick babies*








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