October already

I know I am really falling down on the blogging thing! Facebook seems to get in the way =) Besides that more people look at FB than my little ole blog! But I keep it up for my mom’s sake =) You better be reading this mom! And the few other regulars – thank you for your interest too.
So let us see…we went to another National Trust house a few Saturdays ago called Mosely Hall that is just outside of Wolverhampton. It was a nice wee place, not as big as other houses and not much of a garden, but what was there was lovely!!
They had an apple orchard:

Andy caught me admiring the apples! Actually I was reading the sign attached to the tree to see what kind it was!

They had this beautiful grape vine arched walkway, that had beautiful red leaves!

We all love that one! Andy, the clever guy he is, hung the camera on a big iron gate and set the timer!! I’m sure that we will be hanging that up somewhere!

Micah, the cool dude!
and Micah the photographer:
IMG_1361 IMG_1363

And silly us, didn’t take any photos of the whole of the house =( So this is all you get:


And that’s all for now!! Well, I’ll leave you with a pic of each boy!
IMG_1372 IMG_1369 IMG_1368 IMG_1367

~The Mullans


Author: ALM

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