Still waiting..

So yes, it is 3 days past my due date and of course we are still waiting for this baby. Rather typical as the last 2 boys were 9 and 11 days late…  As much as I wish it was now, today or tomorrow, logistically I’d rather it wait until Saturday.  One, Andy is taking the boys to Legoland with their cousins on Friday and we are sending Nana with them to ‘help’!  So really it would work best that this baby waited a little longer!

I haven’t really had any signs to say baby is coming so that is ok anyway.  I do have an appointment tomorrow (22nd) to check the water levels and blood flow I guess.  And to see the consultant again, though it’ll be the one who didn’t want me to go past my due date and there I will be 40+4!  Oh well, not entirely my fault =)

So while we are waiting I thought I’d post photos from our holiday in Northern Ireland.   The first thing we did was go to the Belfast Zoo with some of the cousins!  Jonah had been asking to go to the zoo since before his birthday so I said we would wait till holiday so that we can go with family.  We really enjoyed it even though it was incredibly hot!!  I didn’t take many photos but here is a little selection!

storyboard 2

We had a blast while we were there, camping at 2 different sites each time with family nearby.  First was down in Newcastle where they were having tent mettings (Northfield Bible Weeks).  Simon and Esther had their caravan down there and we put our tent up meters away from them.  We spent 3 nights there and really enjoyed it.  The meetings in the morning were ministry based with the speaker/preacher being Larry Price from the states!  And the evening were gospel meetings taken by Norrie Emerson from NI.  While it was the hottest weeks of July and I was 35ish weeks pregnant, it was a tiny bit hard to be comfortable in the meetings, but I really enjoyed it all!

We had an afternoon at the beach Murlough Bay, which is a National Trust land.  

storyboard 3

And we had another afternoon at Tullymore National Forest and played in the streams.

storyboard 4

And the last morning Simon and Andy decided to get up early and hike up to the top of Slieve Donard, the highest mountain in NI.  Micah wanted to go with them so away they went at 5:30 in the morning!  They had a great time and made good time!

storyboard 5

We had a few days back in Belfast relaxing and visiting people.  Then on the Wednesday we went up to the North Coast to a camp ground called Golden Sands in Benone.  It was still in NI but my phone provider decided that it was in Ireland so my charges were quite a bit higher!  Oh well.  Paul, Karen and the boys were staying at a (static) Caravan there and we pitched our tent on the camping ground.  We weren’t far away and the boys had a great time going back and forth.  It was actually really nice as in the mornings, the boys go up and dressed and went straight to the caravan for breakfast and morning cartoons while us adults lazily got ourselves ready for the day!  We had all our meals at the caravan and it made everything very nice for us!!  =)  We had an afternoon at the beach in Benone and then another with the extended families in Port Stewart.  After Port Stewart we all went around to a holiday house where Jo was staying with her future in-laws and had a big bbq (big as in there were 30 of us there!)

storyboard 1



IMG_2138 copy

Then the next day we were back to travelling again and drove down to Dublin to get the ferry to Holyhead then on home to Birmingham!  It was so nice to get home especially as I was so very restless in the car.  My legs especially when I am pregnant get quite restless and I just can’t sit still!  Not fun at all….


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