I am a stay at home mom, with 5 boys under the age of 10!  I am an American (Baltimore, MD) living in the West Midlands of England and married to an Irish guy from Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are a family who love the Lord God and try to follow in the ways set out for us in the Bible.  We are home schooling our children, praying that we can bring them up to love the Lord and walk in His ways.




One thought on “Me”

  1. Hi there Janelle, I found your blog because I was googling my son’s name. So here’s your small world story for the day. My name is Melissa and I’m married to Andy, a German, and we live in Oregon. Our son Ezra Andrew was born in Sept 2009. If he had been a girl his name would have been Katie Janelle. I chose the name Ezra for him because I fell in love with how much Ezra loves God and the repeated description of “The hand of the Lord was upon him” when Ezra’s experiences are recounted. Who wouldn’t want the hand of the Lord on their son, right? My Ezra had a huge head and a bit of a hard time getting out of me and his umbilical cord was so large it took two clips to hold it. He is for sure, the sweetest boy I’ve ever known. I hope your Ezra brings you much joy!

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