Judah turns 1

Wow, I can’t believe a whole year has passed nearly since I have last posted anything!  I am ever so sorry to not have shared anything on here.  Thankfully for FB, I have most things documented!!

I wonder if I can go through the year??  =)

September 2013, of course Judah was born, Micah turned 9, my mom and dad came to visit and it was a beautiful month! (pictures below on last years post!)

October 2013: My high school friend Tracy and her husband Herb were in England for a wedding and stopped in for a visit (from Hong Kong!)


Can’t think of much else that happened until the end of the month when we went over to Belfast for my SIL’s wedding!

November 2013, the wedding!  The boys (minus 2) dressed to the nines!


I was one of the 4 lovely bridesmaids =)


And we celebrated Judah’s first Thanksgiving where most of us had the stomach bug at some point!


And we celebrated Ezra’s 4th birthday!!


December 2013:  Judah in all his cuteness! And our family photo for our prayer cards.

11309453975_6b9d7ca239_c  1002032_10152112850884127_1210806533_n  1545727_10152130956329127_684143805_n994697_10152149204129127_253692334_n1538735_10152180717419127_706048024_n1898130_10152213189774127_1925076644_n

And I’ll end this here as I won’t get it all finished in one go anyway!



Really, who can believe that September has come and is now nearly half-way through? It is absolutely crazy! Of course our September starts as always with Micah’s birthday on the second! This year it landed on Sunday so here is Sunday morning:

Bed head or balloon head, I’m not sure!


And he got some money from Auntie Jo (nice Northern Irish bank notes!)

We sang to him with his Zucchini chocolate cake/bread/brownie things:


The next Saturday we took them all bowling with 3 of Micah’s friends:

Micah n friends

And had his proper cake with them at the bowling alley then home for McDonald’s in the garden:

Bowling 5]

In between those, we all started back to school! Here are our back to school photos:

First day of school

and we tried some new things for a more sensory type work:

IMG_1116 IMG_1117

Things are going ok. Sometimes I just have to make some extra copies of things so that *everyone* can join in the fun! http://instagram.com/p/PjbMsNKa15/?fb_action_ids=10151162060729127&fb_action_types=instapp%3Atake&fb_ref=ogexp&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=282366635119873

Our Saturdays are turning quite busy as well! Mornings are still for swimming lessons for Micah and Noah. Last Sat. we were at Redditch for the conference, today is the Midlands Missionary Conference up in Smethwick. Next Sat. we are down in Worcester for a day at our friends farm for clay shooting maybe? and just some fun!!

Jonah’s (4th) birthday

On Jonah’s birthday we had some cupcakes and sang to him:
IMG_0242 IMG_0244

I think he liked them =)

The next night we had his cousins coming over so we had ‘the’ cake then. BUT it didn’t turn out as planned! It was suppose to be a pinata cake, that had chocolate coins on the inside with a hard chocolate shell on the outside. My shell, wouldn’t come out of the bowl =( So Andy improvised and the boys had fun ‘digging for treasure’!!!

IMG_0259 IMG_0262

IMG_0266 IMG_0267

IMG_0268 IMG_0270

Thats all for now =)

Dressing up as Mommy and Daddy

So last Sunday (the 3rd of March) Andy and I were in the kitchen preparing Sunday dinner.  The boys were all upstairs playing…which could be anything from actually playing to wrecking havoc!)  But they all came giggling downstairs and shyly peeped into the kitchen to show off their new clothes!

Dressing Up

Dressing Up

Dressing Up

Dressing Up

Dressing Up

and not to leave out Ezra who didn’t participate:

photos from my phone…

Micah lost his first tooth on Saturday, the 30th July! Pretty much 6years to the day that he got his very first tooth!
IMAG0048 IMAG0047
He was pretty upset about the who thing. He came to me in the afternoon with it very wobbly and cried and whined about it. Eventually he went back to playing and around 7ish, he came to find me in the house and it had come out! He didn’t want me to tell anybody! But I was so excited and thought he looked so cute!!

As you can see, he is ok with it today =) And he said the next tooth is a little wobbly already!

Our day at The Strand:
Micah and Auntie Jo:

Uncle Simons’ motorcycle:

march already?

i mean really? where.has.the.time.gone? it has been absolutely crazy. i think since andy’s february half term was literally the last week of february instead of around valentine’s, we just kinda missed the end of feb and the beginning of march! we had andy’s parents here for half term week which was nice and relaxing. valerie got lots of laundry done and some ironing too =)
andy and i were able to get out one afternoon on our own, although it was slightly messed up b/c of rain! but we went out to lunch at ‘jimmy spices‘ which is a world cuisine, buffet! it was gorgeous =) italian, indian, chinese, thai, and mexican =) then we just walked around outside and inside at solihull, looking at books, drinking coffe/hot chocolate and just being together.
we also got to visit friends from church who had just had a baby! it was so lovely to hold a newborn =)
on that saturday we got to go to goodrich castle, outside of ross-on-wye. we meet-up with another british/american couple and their 2 boys. racheal and i happen to both be from baltimore and even went to the same church, just in different decades! but we both married british lads, have all boys and are homeschooling! what are the odds? racheal has a lovely cake business if you live in south wales, they are delicious!! cakes by rach

we just had andy’s birthday last weekend. i made beef and mushroom manicotti/canelloni dish, with salad and apple caramel cake for dessert. *thanks to duncan hines!*

i haven’t been taking many photos recently but i do have a few from the boys playing in the kitchen and creating a new hiding place =) so here they are!