So much has happened in the last few weeks…

with not much put on here.  I’m so sorry!  Thankfully we are snow free, though our last snow came the weekend before Easter!  Absolutely crazy =)

First back in March we had our first scan for baby #5 and found that I was already 17 weeks and 4 days and due around August 18th.  Here is how we announced it on Facebook:

Coming soon

Fun times ahead eh?!!

Good Friday we went to a National Trust to try and do a Cadbury’s Easter Trail that while we still got our Easter eggs we had to go on the welly walk instead which was, well let us say, very very muddy!  Good thing we had come in our wellies (except Andy) and were prepared.


mud and snow






After Easter we had Flat ‘Grandpa’ Stanley come and visit us from Ross (a high school friends son) who lives in MD.  We had fun though the boys weren’t very sure about posing in pictures with him!

Flat Stanley Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley Flat Stanley

Then finally after a bout of a tummy virus for half the family we finally got our first real spring day!  So we spent the evening in Stratford and had fish and chips for tea and played on the green by the river Avon and in the park.  Much fun had by all!





And so now, we are nearly to May, 6 weeks or so away from our 2 June birthdays and 16ish weeks away from becoming a family of 7!!  Definitely fun times ahead!


Noah’s snow report.

The  snow  and   ice cream   was   cold.    The  snow  is  like  white    ice   cream.


The snow is rain bow  snow.  I went sledging down the hill.  The snow   is  crunchy  and  freezing.


The snow   wutsid (outside)  of  the  snow  was 7  in deep.  Wut  bak  (out back) it was  9 .5 in deep.

(Noah on his tummy with Ezra on his knees)


I can’t believe that Christmas is next week!! So crazy….

Yea, so I started Christmas shopping in November, for the first time ever really and felt that I was doing good. I had to wait till pay day at the end of November to do the next bit of shopping, but now I feel a bit lost as I thought I had really everything but there are little bits and pieces that I don’t want to forget! I guess that is how it always is. Though last week was a bit of a write-off as the boys were all sick over about 8 days and we spent a lot of time at home on the couch! So I didn’t get out shopping at all!

Things (and boys) are on the mend and hopefully we are nearly there. I have a lot of baking to do on Saturday but that should be fine.
so in the start of the sickness, we sent Andy, Noah and Jonah out for the Christmas tree as they were the ones that were well and healthy. Its the first time I’ve not gone these last few years but I’m sure they enjoyed not having me as I am so picky. But, they choose a great tree that is even better than last year!

So we decorated and slept most of Saturday, oh and watched Christmas movies (Veggie Tales!) and others. Ezra was potty trained through all this and that has been a relief for me! No nappies to change in the day for the first time in 8 years!! Whoo-hoo!!!!!! Even while sick he used the toilet! Yea =) Anyway, here are some recent photos! (We haven’t taken much!)

IMG_1623 IMG_1629






My cookies that didn’t quite turn out as I wanted!

IMG_1642 IMG_1643

Hopefully there will be more, but Merry Christmas for now 😉

German Market and Ezra turns 3!

A week ago (on Thanksgiving!) Andy had an unexpected day off thanks to a flooded boiler room at school 😉 So we took a field trip into the city centre to go to the art museum and have a little walk around the German markets! It was great. The boys did a little sketching at the museum and enjoyed looking at the art work for about 25 minutes! Oh well, a little at a time right?!

At the German markets it was a little bit more fun. They all had a sausage and we shared a chocolate dipped banana. Its just so pretty everywhere you look that you can’t help but enjoy yourself.



IMG_1564 IMG_1568

An incentive for getting through the museum was the carousel!





Then this past Friday, the 30th November was Ezra’s 3rd birthday!  I can’t believe that 3 years has gone by!  That is just way too fast!!

Waking up Ezra

3 years old

3 years old

Noah the moose:

3 years old

3 years old

3 years old

Eggs and toast for a birthday breakfast:

3 years old

3 years old

October already

I know I am really falling down on the blogging thing! Facebook seems to get in the way =) Besides that more people look at FB than my little ole blog! But I keep it up for my mom’s sake =) You better be reading this mom! And the few other regulars – thank you for your interest too.
So let us see…we went to another National Trust house a few Saturdays ago called Mosely Hall that is just outside of Wolverhampton. It was a nice wee place, not as big as other houses and not much of a garden, but what was there was lovely!!
They had an apple orchard:

Andy caught me admiring the apples! Actually I was reading the sign attached to the tree to see what kind it was!

They had this beautiful grape vine arched walkway, that had beautiful red leaves!

We all love that one! Andy, the clever guy he is, hung the camera on a big iron gate and set the timer!! I’m sure that we will be hanging that up somewhere!

Micah, the cool dude!
and Micah the photographer:
IMG_1361 IMG_1363

And silly us, didn’t take any photos of the whole of the house =( So this is all you get:


And that’s all for now!! Well, I’ll leave you with a pic of each boy!
IMG_1372 IMG_1369 IMG_1368 IMG_1367

~The Mullans


Really, who can believe that September has come and is now nearly half-way through? It is absolutely crazy! Of course our September starts as always with Micah’s birthday on the second! This year it landed on Sunday so here is Sunday morning:

Bed head or balloon head, I’m not sure!


And he got some money from Auntie Jo (nice Northern Irish bank notes!)

We sang to him with his Zucchini chocolate cake/bread/brownie things:


The next Saturday we took them all bowling with 3 of Micah’s friends:

Micah n friends

And had his proper cake with them at the bowling alley then home for McDonald’s in the garden:

Bowling 5]

In between those, we all started back to school! Here are our back to school photos:

First day of school

and we tried some new things for a more sensory type work:

IMG_1116 IMG_1117

Things are going ok. Sometimes I just have to make some extra copies of things so that *everyone* can join in the fun!

Our Saturdays are turning quite busy as well! Mornings are still for swimming lessons for Micah and Noah. Last Sat. we were at Redditch for the conference, today is the Midlands Missionary Conference up in Smethwick. Next Sat. we are down in Worcester for a day at our friends farm for clay shooting maybe? and just some fun!!