This was my 20 week scan… January 21st! It was so exciting to see the baby again and to see it so active! He/she kept putting their hands together near their mouth as if praying! Its a stubborn baby too as the technician wanted to look at the heart from a certain angle and the baby wouldn’t budge at all!!
This is the clearest scan photo I have seen and we were perfectly amazed by it! When it was Micahs, he turned his back for the picture at the right moment so we couldn’t see as much as this one!!!
Come June the 5th, so they say, we’ll get to meet this little person and find out boy or girl!! How exciting!!!
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Christmas Eve…Steve, Jo, Nelly, Roo and Phil
The boys had this idea to make a CD of christmas songs, some sung by us, others off of ‘real’ cd’s. This is one of the many photos taken to go on the cover of the cd. We had a whole photo shoot going on! It was good fun as it got Jo and I out of the kitchen where we were preparing and cooking up a storm!

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The New Year

How exciting and almost scary that it is now 2006!? 2005 was an amazing year with lots of fun. Micah was so much fun last year, watching him progress through all the stages of babyhood! Sitting up, eating, rolling over, crawling and finally walking!
We are just home from Belfast where we spent a wonderful 10 days with Andy’s family! It’s always a joy to share Micah with others!! As it is built in babysitters for us!
I’ll post some pictures when I can…am still waiting on their delivery!
Much love in Christ