Judah turns 1

Wow, I can’t believe a whole year has passed nearly since I have last posted anything!  I am ever so sorry to not have shared anything on here.  Thankfully for FB, I have most things documented!!

I wonder if I can go through the year??  =)

September 2013, of course Judah was born, Micah turned 9, my mom and dad came to visit and it was a beautiful month! (pictures below on last years post!)

October 2013: My high school friend Tracy and her husband Herb were in England for a wedding and stopped in for a visit (from Hong Kong!)


Can’t think of much else that happened until the end of the month when we went over to Belfast for my SIL’s wedding!

November 2013, the wedding!  The boys (minus 2) dressed to the nines!


I was one of the 4 lovely bridesmaids =)


And we celebrated Judah’s first Thanksgiving where most of us had the stomach bug at some point!


And we celebrated Ezra’s 4th birthday!!


December 2013:  Judah in all his cuteness! And our family photo for our prayer cards.

11309453975_6b9d7ca239_c  1002032_10152112850884127_1210806533_n  1545727_10152130956329127_684143805_n994697_10152149204129127_253692334_n1538735_10152180717419127_706048024_n1898130_10152213189774127_1925076644_n

And I’ll end this here as I won’t get it all finished in one go anyway!


So much has happened in the last few weeks…

with not much put on here.  I’m so sorry!  Thankfully we are snow free, though our last snow came the weekend before Easter!  Absolutely crazy =)

First back in March we had our first scan for baby #5 and found that I was already 17 weeks and 4 days and due around August 18th.  Here is how we announced it on Facebook:

Coming soon

Fun times ahead eh?!!

Good Friday we went to a National Trust to try and do a Cadbury’s Easter Trail that while we still got our Easter eggs we had to go on the welly walk instead which was, well let us say, very very muddy!  Good thing we had come in our wellies (except Andy) and were prepared.


mud and snow






After Easter we had Flat ‘Grandpa’ Stanley come and visit us from Ross (a high school friends son) who lives in MD.  We had fun though the boys weren’t very sure about posing in pictures with him!

Flat Stanley Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley Flat Stanley

Then finally after a bout of a tummy virus for half the family we finally got our first real spring day!  So we spent the evening in Stratford and had fish and chips for tea and played on the green by the river Avon and in the park.  Much fun had by all!





And so now, we are nearly to May, 6 weeks or so away from our 2 June birthdays and 16ish weeks away from becoming a family of 7!!  Definitely fun times ahead!

I can’t believe that Christmas is next week!! So crazy….

Yea, so I started Christmas shopping in November, for the first time ever really and felt that I was doing good. I had to wait till pay day at the end of November to do the next bit of shopping, but now I feel a bit lost as I thought I had really everything but there are little bits and pieces that I don’t want to forget! I guess that is how it always is. Though last week was a bit of a write-off as the boys were all sick over about 8 days and we spent a lot of time at home on the couch! So I didn’t get out shopping at all!

Things (and boys) are on the mend and hopefully we are nearly there. I have a lot of baking to do on Saturday but that should be fine.
so in the start of the sickness, we sent Andy, Noah and Jonah out for the Christmas tree as they were the ones that were well and healthy. Its the first time I’ve not gone these last few years but I’m sure they enjoyed not having me as I am so picky. But, they choose a great tree that is even better than last year!

So we decorated and slept most of Saturday, oh and watched Christmas movies (Veggie Tales!) and others. Ezra was potty trained through all this and that has been a relief for me! No nappies to change in the day for the first time in 8 years!! Whoo-hoo!!!!!! Even while sick he used the toilet! Yea =) Anyway, here are some recent photos! (We haven’t taken much!)

IMG_1623 IMG_1629






My cookies that didn’t quite turn out as I wanted!

IMG_1642 IMG_1643

Hopefully there will be more, but Merry Christmas for now 😉

Photos of what we’ve been up too!

While in Belfast over Easter:

Levi  (the youngest of the clan)

Jacob and Ezra

Micah and Luke



At yet another park

James, Charles and Janet

Angry bird aprons from my friend Tracy!

So that was our Easter. Lots of parks and lots of misty rain!
Since coming back, April was still full of rain! It rained loads and loads!! But we marched off to Sunnycroft National Trust to meet up with some friends:
We were a bit wet and dirty but it was nice. The house had a thimble trail for the kids to find in some of the rooms, which was quite hard actually!

This past bank holiday monday (May day) we went to Packwood House to meet up with other friends and while it rained (misty kind of rain) the boys all still really enjoyed running around!
you can just see Andy and Jonah here, everyone was hiding from Andy I think!
B was loving it!
Then we made paper airplanes and coloured them in
And we practised singing Happy birthday to Mimi!
Packwood House
The rest can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/charis_photography/
That’s all folks!

photos from my phone…

Micah lost his first tooth on Saturday, the 30th July! Pretty much 6years to the day that he got his very first tooth!
IMAG0048 IMAG0047
He was pretty upset about the who thing. He came to me in the afternoon with it very wobbly and cried and whined about it. Eventually he went back to playing and around 7ish, he came to find me in the house and it had come out! He didn’t want me to tell anybody! But I was so excited and thought he looked so cute!!

As you can see, he is ok with it today =) And he said the next tooth is a little wobbly already!

Our day at The Strand:
Micah and Auntie Jo:

Uncle Simons’ motorcycle:

Port Stewart

Yesterday we travelled up to Port Stewart to meet up with Karen and Paul (in-laws) and their 4 boys! We got to meet the youngest and newest nephew, Levi! What a sweety =) We had lunch at their little holiday home, then after changing nappies, feeding a baby and the like, we made our way to the beach! It was a gorgeous day, a tad chilly if your weren’t moving about though! The water was cold but the boys loved it! Micah, Noah and Jonah went straight down to the water and splashed about. Andy joined us and thankfully has a few photos from his phone that we’ll try and post sometime! Our camera (lens, I hope) isn’t working so no photos from me for now! We stayed at the beach for a few hours and had a good time. Andy went in the water with Noah and Micah for a while, getting up to waist level or so. Then they dug and dug and dug to hearts content! Well Andy did anyway!! I read my book most the time and chased Ezra or Jacob down. The cars are parked on the beach, so there were cars driving in and out constantly between us and the water….it was hard enough for us adults to remember to look for cars before walking so I know the kids had a hard time remembering too. You couldn’t hear them (the cars) at all. All you heard was the ocean! It was really nice!!
We went back to the house and got some take-aways for tea. Andy and I opted for chinese while the rest had fish n chips (sausages, chicken nuggets and chicken burgers too)! Simon, Esther, Sarahand Isaac joined us for tea as well!! Us brothers/sisters and spouses had quite a nice chat in the kitchen while nana and papa kept the kids entertained in the lounge! It was great and we had a hilarious moment were I don’t think I’ve laughed like that in a long while. I also had the oppurtunity to spit my coke out on the my husband and the floor! I couldn’t even breathe and I can’t even tell you what was really funny b/c it was one of those, ‘you had to be there’ moments! But it was a great ‘craic’ as they would say here in Norn’ Ireland!!

So today we all slept in a wee bit as we only got home at 11 last night! Thankfully all the boys were in PJs and transferred straight to bed with no problems! We are all off to Simon and Esther’s for a belated 30th bday party for Simon. Simon and his brothers and some friends are playing some footie before hand as well!

so, when did July come along? i mean, really?

*These months are just flying past us aren’t they!! In June we had 2 birthdays for 2 great boys!! Noah turned 5 and Jonah turned 3. We had a party with our friend Cana who turned 5 as well. It was a hit and much fun.
*We had a few illnesses in between Jonah’s hospital visit and the birthdays….Ezra got hand,foot and mouth. Thankfully no one else did! Noah’s nose got infected but that thankfully went away {literally} just in time for his party =)
*The boys participated in our Homeschool Sports Day at cannon hill park with great success! All of them got certificates and Micah won a few and Jonah one one too {by fluke}!
*Our weather has been pretty great these past few weeks, so lots of outside time and walks =) We had Uncle Phil here for 4 days and the boys loved that very much! He made bows and arrows with the boys and spend a whole afternoon out front with them! We went into town one day and enjoyed Nando’s for lunch and then were treated to Blue Nile, an Ethiopian restaurant. We dined with 2 Ethiopian men and learned about the culture and sharing meals. Including being fed by them. Interesting! Definitely out of the comfort zone there! Thursday was lunch with our friend and her boys then the bus down to Worcester for afternoon/evening at our friends. It was nice and I am glad I had Philip with me as all 4 boys fell asleep on the bus!
*Andy has 3 weeks left of school…they have just finished an Ofstead inspection that thankfully went really really well. I made some cakes for him to take in yesterday as celebration and they went down well =) So thanks to Short Stop blog for the recipe!! {She has the best recipes by the way! Everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks!! Check her out!}
*Once school is out we’ll be heading to Belfast to meet our new nephew Levi! And just enjoying a few weeks with the family!
Here are some photos for your enjoyment!
In May:
Home school day out:
HE Day Out
HE Day Out
HE Day Out
HE Day Out

Andy’s 2nd sportive:

Baddesley Clinton {National Trust}
baddersly clinton
baddersly clinton

Uncle Phil’s visit:

4th of July:
Flag cake
Flag cake