rain, rain go away….

today it is totally tipping it down!!! i mean, not even a nice rain! totally pouring cats and dogs!! and its so dark!! if only there were thunder and lightning, of which i totally miss! you don’t have very often here, i think i have heard thunder a total of 6 times this year, and thats not 6 different days but like 3 one day and 2 another day and 1 just 2 days ago! and have seen lightning maybe say 3 times? its so boring over here when it comes to storms!! we need some drama =)
micah was suppose to have his 2 year check-up today but i wasn’t about to take them out in the rain! our nearest bus are usually the older ones so you have to fold down strollers and the other bus is a 10 minute walk so i was just not in the mood to do that! so we’ll hopefully have it another day!
i tried to do some crafty stuff today (as in arty stuff) but micah was just not co-operating! i had some paper for him and those twistable crayola crayons and even some stickers! but no, he still wanted mine!! i think b/c i just bought an xcut paper cutter thingy and he loves it! so i put in my paper and line it up and let him press the lever down! well thats all he wants to do. and even when i am about to let him do it but am just measuring or something, he’s to impatient so i try to make him wait but oh no!! can you tell i am just loving the terrible two’s?? so i have put it all away for now and will try another day!
i really need to clean off the desk upstairs and try working on that! but i like sitting on the floor b/c you can’t really sit down at the desk unless you have the right height chair..anyway! i do to much in the way of paper crafts!! its mostly digital, but i am just trying something new =)


Author: ALM

*ulsterman & american in birmingham UK *5 young boys *christians *missionaries *homeschooling our children *photographers

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