My Apologies

I am so sorry that I haven’t written in donkey’s ages! Life just goes on with not much time to sit and write!  Facebook and instagram have made things easier to get photos and updates to my family-to my mom! But the blog is still here and the page is listed at the bottom of our emails, so I guess that really I should keep it up!

IMG_0183This is our most recent family photo taken back in October at Andy’s cousin’s wedding (is that too many possessive words?) in Wales.  It was a gorgeous wedding and reception!!

The boys are all doing well, we have had a lot of colds going around a few chest infections and one hospitalization for Ezra over the winter, but in whole, we are good!  Its so hard to believe that it is already St. Patrick’s Day and Easter is less than 2 weeks away! The year is going by too fast I think.  Once again we have had basically no snow this year and the weather has been pretty dry as well.

We just celebrated Andy’s 40th birthday this past Sunday, the 13th and his brother’s came over to surprise him! 2 flew over from Belfast, one from each airport and 1 drove down from Prestwick!  It was a great weekend with wonderful weather, perfect for hiking in the Malverns and lots and lots of laughter! (photos to come of course!)


Judah turns 1

Wow, I can’t believe a whole year has passed nearly since I have last posted anything!  I am ever so sorry to not have shared anything on here.  Thankfully for FB, I have most things documented!!

I wonder if I can go through the year??  =)

September 2013, of course Judah was born, Micah turned 9, my mom and dad came to visit and it was a beautiful month! (pictures below on last years post!)

October 2013: My high school friend Tracy and her husband Herb were in England for a wedding and stopped in for a visit (from Hong Kong!)


Can’t think of much else that happened until the end of the month when we went over to Belfast for my SIL’s wedding!

November 2013, the wedding!  The boys (minus 2) dressed to the nines!


I was one of the 4 lovely bridesmaids =)


And we celebrated Judah’s first Thanksgiving where most of us had the stomach bug at some point!


And we celebrated Ezra’s 4th birthday!!


December 2013:  Judah in all his cuteness! And our family photo for our prayer cards.

11309453975_6b9d7ca239_c  1002032_10152112850884127_1210806533_n  1545727_10152130956329127_684143805_n994697_10152149204129127_253692334_n1538735_10152180717419127_706048024_n1898130_10152213189774127_1925076644_n

And I’ll end this here as I won’t get it all finished in one go anyway!

Judah Lee Mullan

Well, I’m not sure I am up to writing much detail on the birth of Judah Lee, but in short I’ll give you a little tidbit of information for all those inquiring minds =)

So at 40+10 I was given an induction date (Wednesday the 28th August).  So off to the hospital we went bags in hand.  I was monitored for 20 minutes, given an internal exam and a sweep while there.  I was already dilated 1-2cm so no pessary would be given.  All that there was to do was to have my waters broken which would have to be done in the delivery suites.  So as soon as one was open, I would be sent down.  No problem right?!  WRONG!  3 days later, I was still there, taking up a bed and wasting time!  It was boring, though I enjoyed my room mates.   There are 4 beds in a room and while we were curtained off during times of being examined or monitored, we had them opened and chatted amongst ourselves.  One lady had been in since the previous Saturday for some bleeding  and low blood pressure, another for high blood pressure.  The 4th bed seemed to be the lucky bed and whoever came in seemed to go into labour quite quickly and was then taken down to delivery suites making me suffer in boredom =(

Finally Saturday evening came and while I was downstairs visiting a friend, I got the call that a bed was open and I was to take my turn down in delivery suites!!  So off I rushed and finally we arrived down in room 8 at 7:30, which was a bit of a shame as the midwives change over at 8, so I had 30 minutes with the midwife and a student midwife who turned out to be an American!  I wish they could have stayed…but at 8 Sarah our new midwife came in and after being monitored for awhile we were ready to get things going.  She attempted to break my water around 9:15.  She couldn’t get it b/c Judah’s head was down so far and I wasn’t having any contractions that would push a bit of a bulge of the waters out for her to catch.  So 9:30 the doctor came around (and I was so happy that it was a lady dr!) and she did it, but no gushes of water came out.  And no contractions were happening so she said to start me on the drip, straight away.  

Another midwife came in and put in the cannula.  A failed attempt on the left hand which hurt and a successful go into the right hand.  Yuck, so uncomfortable!  The drip was started off at 10:15 (syntocinon) and away we went.  Contraction started right off very mild.  I sat on the birthing ball or stood next to the bed and all was well, swaying back and forth. Some time later I decided to get up on the bed on my knees leaning over the back of the bed and started using the gas and air for some relief.  It made me sleepy well that and the fact that it was near midnight!  I kept going for awhile, I really have no idea of the time or space in between the contractions.  I was still being monitored, which I did not like at all.  This was my first ever induction and I have never been monitored at all during labour (well just occasionally to check that baby was ok but never continuously).  Finally my tired knees needed a break and I needed some more support to lean against and press into or against.  I sat down sitting up and used a stirrup to push my foot against.  My husband was awesome and supported me, fanned me and gave me water.  I don’t think I have ever needed him so much during labour!!  It was quite intense this time around and went so quickly really.  

I have no idea when I started pushing, but Judah was born at 1:06am!  And that is that!!  =)  

Still waiting..

So yes, it is 3 days past my due date and of course we are still waiting for this baby. Rather typical as the last 2 boys were 9 and 11 days late…  As much as I wish it was now, today or tomorrow, logistically I’d rather it wait until Saturday.  One, Andy is taking the boys to Legoland with their cousins on Friday and we are sending Nana with them to ‘help’!  So really it would work best that this baby waited a little longer!

I haven’t really had any signs to say baby is coming so that is ok anyway.  I do have an appointment tomorrow (22nd) to check the water levels and blood flow I guess.  And to see the consultant again, though it’ll be the one who didn’t want me to go past my due date and there I will be 40+4!  Oh well, not entirely my fault =)

So while we are waiting I thought I’d post photos from our holiday in Northern Ireland.   The first thing we did was go to the Belfast Zoo with some of the cousins!  Jonah had been asking to go to the zoo since before his birthday so I said we would wait till holiday so that we can go with family.  We really enjoyed it even though it was incredibly hot!!  I didn’t take many photos but here is a little selection!

storyboard 2

We had a blast while we were there, camping at 2 different sites each time with family nearby.  First was down in Newcastle where they were having tent mettings (Northfield Bible Weeks).  Simon and Esther had their caravan down there and we put our tent up meters away from them.  We spent 3 nights there and really enjoyed it.  The meetings in the morning were ministry based with the speaker/preacher being Larry Price from the states!  And the evening were gospel meetings taken by Norrie Emerson from NI.  While it was the hottest weeks of July and I was 35ish weeks pregnant, it was a tiny bit hard to be comfortable in the meetings, but I really enjoyed it all!

We had an afternoon at the beach Murlough Bay, which is a National Trust land.  

storyboard 3

And we had another afternoon at Tullymore National Forest and played in the streams.

storyboard 4

And the last morning Simon and Andy decided to get up early and hike up to the top of Slieve Donard, the highest mountain in NI.  Micah wanted to go with them so away they went at 5:30 in the morning!  They had a great time and made good time!

storyboard 5

We had a few days back in Belfast relaxing and visiting people.  Then on the Wednesday we went up to the North Coast to a camp ground called Golden Sands in Benone.  It was still in NI but my phone provider decided that it was in Ireland so my charges were quite a bit higher!  Oh well.  Paul, Karen and the boys were staying at a (static) Caravan there and we pitched our tent on the camping ground.  We weren’t far away and the boys had a great time going back and forth.  It was actually really nice as in the mornings, the boys go up and dressed and went straight to the caravan for breakfast and morning cartoons while us adults lazily got ourselves ready for the day!  We had all our meals at the caravan and it made everything very nice for us!!  =)  We had an afternoon at the beach in Benone and then another with the extended families in Port Stewart.  After Port Stewart we all went around to a holiday house where Jo was staying with her future in-laws and had a big bbq (big as in there were 30 of us there!)

storyboard 1



IMG_2138 copy

Then the next day we were back to travelling again and drove down to Dublin to get the ferry to Holyhead then on home to Birmingham!  It was so nice to get home especially as I was so very restless in the car.  My legs especially when I am pregnant get quite restless and I just can’t sit still!  Not fun at all….

Maternity Update

After a previous scan in the middle of last week, the Woman’s Hospital decided to bring Janelle in on the Sunday (today) if nothing had started naturally so she could be induced.

Janelle has been a bit worried about this, as she has never before been induced, so we have been praying The Lord would overrule, and labour could progress naturally.

This morning, still nothing, so we duly called and I took Janelle in around 10:30am. Have now been seen by another consultant who has decided he would rather let things progress naturally, so after lunch, Janelle will be back home again.

Praise The Lord for answered prayers … And a free lunch!

June birthdays

Noah’s 7th birthday came first on the 5th of June. We had a laid back day as it was Athletics in the afternoon for the boys…which gave me time to make Noah’s cake!
Here are some photos:


IMG_2311 IMG_2305



Two days later we had a day out to Lego Discovery Center in Manchester. It in the Trafford Centre which is basically a huge mall…and I mean huge! Here we are outside the entrance:


The food court:



Making cars to race:

I think Daddy enjoyed this just as much as the boys did…even more possibly!



Then it was Jonah’s 5th birthday of the 13th.
The first year Jonah could read his own cards:

His big present:

I made some gorgeously delicious cookies for our afternoon out with some homeschool friends and then I made a cake for that evening, but it went horribly wrong! Ha ha…so we had to stop and buy cake and ice cream after dinner and all were happy anyway!!